4 Outdoor Workout Ideas

4 Apr No Comments Chloe Smith Fitness, Useful Tips

Every year when the weather gets warmer and days last longer the gym becomes more unappealing. You will agree that working out while breathing in the fresh air is much better than the stale gym air (plus it is more dynamic). Well, here are some workout ideas to try out, so skip the gym and start shaping those muscles outdoors.

The benefits of outdoor workouts

Exercising outdoors provides plenty of room to sprint, throw, and jump and gives your inner athlete enough space to explore your body’s maximum. Also, you can change the scenery whenever you feel like it which makes your training more dynamic and it will keep you focused since you will have new goals to achieve every day. For example, a more challenging terrain will keep you motivated and ready to start building endurance levels and stamina. Just remember to properly warm up before exercising.

Hill-sprint workout

bodybuilding personal trainer onlineIf you need a powerful metabolic workout that burns calories at the same time (plus it is quick because it all happens in a short period of time) you should opt for a hill sprint workout. That way you will engage fast twitch muscle fibers of your entire body since your bodyweight will battle gravity. You will improve your running technique, increase speed, explosiveness and muscle endurance levels (explosive bursts can last longer) at the same time. All you need is a hilly terrain and you can start your functional strength training right away.

Warm up with a light run for about 10 to 20 minutes (running to a specific hilly location for example) and start your training with 12 hill sprints and active rest – walking back down before the next sprint. Divide the 12 sprints into three parts, first part giving 50% effort (first four sprints), second part giving 75%, and give your maximum in the last four sprints. After the workout, make sure to cool down so either stretch or run light for 10 to 20 minute.

Bodyweight training: outdoor gym/park workout

If you happen to come across an outdoor gym in your town make sure to use the most of the gym equipment. If all you have is just your own body then do resistance training using just bodyweight exercises. You can combine this bodyweight training with a cardio exercise – a light run of 20 minutes start burning fat and fueling your body’s strength. While performing this training make sure not to rest between exercises (if you really need it, take a little i.e. short rest) – perform them as a circuit.

In order to get the best results of this bodyweight outdoor gym/park workout start your session with pull-ups, four sets of ten repetitions with 20 seconds rest between sets, afterwards jump rope for two minutes, then do 4 sets of ten repetitions of dips (with 20 seconds rest between as well), mountain climbers in two set each one minute and for the end, three sets one minute each of pushups. Stretch properly to avoid sore muscles after this high-impact workout session.

High-intensity interval training: cycling workout

Jump on your bike and start a high-impact workout session that is good for your whole body. This short and intense workout will boost your energy, increase muscle endurance, help burn fat and build some lean muscle – even though it is short, it has the same effect as an hour-long training session. Find a hilly terrain; choose from a variety of trek road bikes to take this short but effective exercise on a next level.

Warm up for 10 minutes with a light cycling before starting the interval training. You should push your efforts as hard as you can, give your maximum and pedal hard for thirty seconds, pedal easy for a whole minute and repeat five times. After the fifth repetition, pedal easy for five minutes and rest before repeating the entire sequence two more times (in total you will do three interval sets). After the workout cool down for five minutes and you are ready to hit the shower.

Coordination and athleticism training: jump rope workout

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to increase your endurance levels, coordination, footwork speed and it is a perfect warm-up for any workout session. It is the best exercise for coordination and athleticism whether you are just starting with your new exercise routine, getting back into working out after a long break or you’re on an advanced level. Creating a jumping rope routine and including it in your workout plans can help in sweating off the pounds as well.

All you have to do, obviously, is to jump rope but to make things more interesting (and more beneficial for your body) do 10 repetitions of each type of jump (basic two-foot jump, single leg same foot, single leg alternating, double unders, high knees, crossing feet, crossing hands), then sprint for five seconds with your maximum effort (you can sprint back if you want to stay in the same location or sprint with a rope in your hands and make it even more dynamic) and make sure not to rest between jumps. You will increase your stamina and endurance levels in no time.

Well, in conclusion, if the weather is nice, just grab your props and head outside to sweat it off (and improvise with what you have). Not only you will make working out more dynamic but you will also make it interesting which will make you more motivated.