Lean Belly Habbits

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Lean Belly Eating Habits – Food to Avoid Belly fat can make a person feel bloated and can as well carry some risk factors. For a lot of people, losing belly fat is a battle but it does not have to be so. Fortunately, there are strategies and things that

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Best Home Gym Accessory For Covid – Pull Ups Bar

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Why Pull Up Bars Are The Best Home Gym Accessory for Covid Do you miss going to the gym? Are you trying to stay active during the lockdown? Given gyms are nowhere near being opened soon; you should consider investing in a home fitness accessory, such as a pull-up bar.

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4 Things To Change Now & Get Fit Tomorrow

6 Oct No Comments Emily Brathen Fitness, Useful Tips

4 Things You Can Do Today for a Healthier Tomorrow The importance of maintaining health has moved to the forefront of conversation for many people. While the wellness industry would like you to believe that it takes a lot of work and a big investment, there are plenty of simple

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Athletics Clothes 2020

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Must Have Athletics Clothes For Leisure & Workout In 2020 If you have decided to make 2020 the year of your physical transformation and have committed yourself to working out regularly, I must congratulate you! Considering how physical exercise is important and beneficial according to this useful source, that’s a

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Compact Home Gyms

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Guide to Installing Compact Home Gyms Hitting a gym may not be convenient always but that should not deter you from exercising to stay fit. Moreover, in the current situation where one fears contracting COVID 19 in public spaces, creating your mini-gym at home sounds like a sensible idea. The

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Football Injuries

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Types OF Injuries The dangers of playing football are still being revealed and protection measures are increased almost every year. according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) between 4 and 20 percent of high school and college football players will sustain at least one brain injury during a

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Most Influential Female Athletes

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Most Influential female athletes of the past century There are a number of women that have become influential throughout history. During the last century, women in sports have been making an impact and serving as inspirations to those who wish to accomplish the same. According to a 2018 Nielsen report

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Total Gyms

29 Jun No Comments Guest Blogger Fitness

Total Gyms – Our Solution to Your Fitness Needs It is safe to say that fitness and health are at the forefront of the majority of the trending medical topics online or in published literature. Anything new illness that erupts such as the one we are facing now in 2020,

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Gym Wear & Performance

4 Jun No Comments Guest Blogger Useful Tips

Can your choice of gym wear actually affect performance? It’s often overlooked how much your choice of clothing can affect your workout. We all spend plenty of time digging around for our favourite gym t-shirt, only to find it soaked in sweat at the bottom of our washing pile. Your

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