4 Outdoor Workout Ideas

4 Apr No Comments Chloe Smith Fitness, Useful Tips

Every year when the weather gets warmer and days last longer the gym becomes more unappealing. You will agree that working out while breathing in the fresh air is much better than the stale gym air (plus it is more dynamic). Well, here are some workout ideas to try out,

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How To Become A Good Basketball Player

4 Apr 1 Comment Emily Brathen Fitness, Useful Tips

Learning how to play basketball With the popularity of the basketball game, many men, adult, and children alike, are looking for ways on how to become a good basketball player. Sadly though, not everyone can be able to become one. It takes patience, dedication, motivation and the right tips to

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Protein Importance 4 Training

26 Mar No Comments Jane nutrition, Personal Training

The importance of good quality protein in the diet for personal training Achieving the body you want is 80% down to diet and 20% down to exercise. Bottom line, nutrition and personal training go hand in hand. If you’re serious about transforming your body through personal training then eating right

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Training For Seniors

13 Mar 2 Comments Guest Blogger Useful Tips

The Importance of Strength Training in Later Years At first glance, strength training might not seem a suitable sport for people approaching their silver years, which is why you can commonly see individuals over forty years of age leaning more towards “light” exercise such as jogging, or Pilates. While there

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Training & Life Quality

26 Feb No Comments Jane Useful Tips

Future Proofing Your Body Life expectancy in the UK is increasing as healthcare and standards of living generally improve.  So, how can you ensure that there’s quality in those years, not just quantity?  Adapting your health habits early on should help you feel positive about your golden years, while enjoying the

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Coffee & Fitness

18 Feb No Comments Jane Fitness, nutrition

Why You Should Incorporate Coffee In Your Fitness Program It is estimated that almost 90% of the world has had some form of caffeine at least once, and keeps using it according to the Modern Cyborg blog. In London, it is said that 50% of citizens take it on a daily basis.

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Emotional Eating

29 Jan No Comments Rachel Eddins Fitness, nutrition, Useful Tips

How Emotional Eating is an Obstacle to Your Best Body Feelings are fattening. It’s true. It’s not a good idea to eat them. Not if you want to get fit or stay fit. When you eat your emotions, rather than process them and let them go, your body can get

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Hydrating Pre, Post and During a Workout

22 Jan No Comments Jane nutrition, Useful Tips

According to the Natural Hydration Council, only about 16% of Brits are drinking enough water each day, resulting in a nation of rather fatigued people. Water performs crucial roles within the body, such as carrying nutrients and regulating body temperature. Any personal trainer will reiterate the importance of keeping hydrated and will

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