5 Ways Beating Christmas Overeating

31 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger nutrition, Useful Tips

5 Ways Not To Cheat On Your Diet Over Christmas As the holidays are slowly approaching, more and more people are starting to worry whether they will be able to resist all the indulgent treats this season has to offer. From mom’s rich and creamy mashed potato, Christmas pudding, pecan

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Sleep Importance

20 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Useful Tips

The Importance of Sleep: How Your Training Is Built During Rest People in the UK get around an average of six hours sleep per night, as presented by The Independent. This is below the necessary 7 to 8 hours that’s recommended. Any person seeking better physical strength and overall fitness needs adequate

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Do You Need Nutritionist?

20 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger nutrition

Top 5 Signs You Should Visit a Nutritionist Everybody loves to eat food and will be ready to gobble up their favourite pasta or chocolate chip ice cream at any time of the day. While munching this deliciousness, it’s easy to forget about the nutrition you’re consuming – or lacking.

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Rowing Workouts

20 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Fitness

Rowing Workouts That Burn Fat and Build Muscle One of the most underrated exercises in a gym is the rowing workout. The disinclination towards these exercises could be understandable for some. For starters, this fitness tool is not only intimidating with its regimen but also due to its frequent users,

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Meditation Benefits

13 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Uncategorised

Effective Benefits of Meditation There comes a moment in your life whereby you have to address thousands of people for the first time. Your heart will be pumping very fast. But there is always a solution to that kind of feeling. Meditation is a great activity that will make you

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Easy Healthy Lifestyle

13 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Uncategorised

Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Nowadays, magazines, blogs, TV shows, and the Internet gurus are preaching about lifestyle improvement. It’s hardly a new thing, but recently, with overwork stress and the speeding up of our everyday lives, this talk has gained momentum. And there are so many pieces

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Burn Fat Faster

11 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Uncategorised

Strategies to burn fat faster The media has put this idea in our heads as to how we are supposed to look like. Everyone wants that figure that is on the telly or in the magazine. Achieving this makes one feel like they have made it in life, I guess.

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Fit After Pregnancy

7 Dec No Comments Jane Fitness, nutrition

From Giving Birth To Bombshell: Getting Fit After Pregnancy Regaining your pre-baby body after giving birth is achievable, but it often falls to the wayside as new mothers have to keep up with a new baby and changes in their daily schedule. To complicate things further, roughly 25% of women in

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Healthy Typing Posture

3 Dec No Comments Guest Blogger Uncategorised

Healthy Body Position For Typing If for any reason you spend more than 3 hours of your day on your desktop, then this is the right article for you. If you spend so much time on your machine and don’t follow the steps below, you will have some pains. However,

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Weight Lifters Need More Magnesium

22 Nov 2 Comments Guest Blogger Bodybuilding & Weight Training, nutrition

5 Reasons why Every Lifter should Emphasize Magnesium Intake While everyone in the fitness industry is going on about the importance of macronutrients for athletes of all fitness levels, no enough love and praise is given to the vitamins and minerals that enable healthy processes in your body in the

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