Post Training Nutrition

Post training nutrition is a very important part of your overall diet. There are countless snacks and supplements dedicated to this purpose – post training nutrition for muscle and general recovery. Do you really need those supplements? Well, what you need is the particular nutrients, taken at the right quantities.

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Physique Architecture

24 Feb No Comments Rolandas Natural Bodybuilding London, Useful Tips

In order to build solid, big, proportional and symmetrical physique you need to develop all muscle groups without any exceptions. However, specific genetics or training mistakes from the past may force you to pay extra attention to some particular body parts. Let’s see how each body area effects the looks

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Bodybuilder’s Physique Refinement

Achieving the powerful look of a bodybuilder’s physique, without performance enhancing drugs, requires compound movements weight training. Compound exercises allow you to lift relatively to you heavy weights, which raises your natural testosterone levels and does the most muscle damage (the prime stimulation of muscle hypertrophy). However, bodybuilding is more

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