Gluten Free Hysteria

27 Nov No Comments Rolandas nutrition, Useful Tips

“Gluten free people” of the XXI century are much more concerned about their health and wellbeing than what “burger kings” used to be in the XX century. This is very positive, no doubt. However, unlike drinking in a pub, smoking cigarettes or eating at McDonald’s, healthy lifestyle has to be

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Before Training In London – Think!

17 Nov No Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Majority of people who start their fitness training in London (I’m based here so I can’t speak of other geographical locations) have no clue how things work. That is not strange off course. For example, I am a personal training professional, I do not know much about fixing cars as

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Weightlifting Injuries-How To Avoid Them

Weightlifting is a great way to build up your muscles, improve your fitness, and enhance your physical performance. But unless you really know what you’re doing, sometimes weightlifting exercises are accompanied with pain and injuries. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid weightlifting injuries, if you follow the correct procedures. Actually weightlifting

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How Fitness Feeds Business Success

27 May No Comments Jackie Fitness

Richard Branson Says That Exercise Gives Him An Extra 4+ Productive Hours Per Day – Learn From Him And Other Leaders How Exercise & Fitness Feed Business Success Many people decide to get fit in order to look good, feel good and be healthier. Did you ever consider that being

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