15 Personal Training Myths Revealed

Personal training is only for the rich and famous, right? Wrong, think again. Personal trainers are crazy people who just shout and want to see you in pain? True or not? Read these 15 personal training myths to find out.

1. Your personal trainer wants to see you in pain

Personal Training MythsIt’s easy to mistake the reason why your personal trainer seems so interested in your pain levels. A common myth about personal training is that your personal trainer actually enjoys seeing you in pain. However that’s not the case. Actually the guy or girl that you are paying is only monitoring your soreness, because this is a way to indicate the level of training intensity. A good personal trainer knows that pain depends on a phase of periodisation you are in during the particular session, and of course no-one should be working at 100% intensity at all times.

Each time you do a new exercise, that uses different muscles, or/and when you train at a high intensity, your body will experience DOMS – delayed obstructive muscle soreness. Personal trainers monitor this as part of assessing training impact. Muscle damage is one of the three muscle stimulation mechanisms, which are muscle damage, metabolic stress and mechanical stress.

So even though on face value, it may seem that your personal trainer loves to see you in pain, this is a myth and he/she’s only doing a good job pushing you to the needed training intensity and monitoring your progress.

2. Personal trainers are only useful to count your reps

If this was true, why not bring a friend to the gym and forget using a trainer! There’s so much more to what a certified, experienced trainer can do to help you. If you work with someone really good, they will spot specific things about your physique, lifestyle and psychological state of mind, that will help you to achieve goals in a far shorter period of time …and in a way that keeps your harmony of mind and body ensuring the everlasting results.

3. Personal trainers are for celebrities and the rich

Of course both celebrities and rich people like to use personal trainers. These people are often in the public eye, or purely appreciate that being healthy and looking good is an important priority. However it’s a massive myth to think that personal training is out of your reach. Like any financial commitment, you need to work out its potential value in your life.

In London, the average personal training rates are approximately £50-£60 per hour. The potential benefits of working with a personal trainer are huge. There’s plenty of good reasons why this is a growing industry in the UK. Apart from the obvious physical health and image benefits, for those who really embrace their mission to become fit and healthy, there can be other financial knock-on effects. Obviously if you invest your hard earned cash in a personal trainer, you’ll most likely take his or her advice about diet. So the couple of not so healthy takeaways, or trips to a fast food joint, that you may have had each week beforehand will go out the window, and straightaway you’ll save that money.

Official stats show that British waste £37 million each year on unused gym memberships!

4. All personal trainers are equal

Unfortunately this is not the case. Training is practical and very physical, hence requires from personal trainer high level of personal experience in sports (natural bodybuilding is the most specific to physique changes personal training). One thing is theory the other is practical application of theory in real life. Also on top of that, each personal trainer will have their own style and personality. You need to find a certified, experienced trainer, that is a good fit for you and your goals.

5. If the gym is famous, then all trainers are the best quality

Believe it or not, this is also a myth. In some cases it may even be the opposite. Let’s put it this way, just because you know (and possibly love) the brand Coca Cola, doesn’t mean it’s good for you, does it? Always check first, don’t spend your hard-earned cash on someone who isn’t worth it.

6. Personal training session helps you sweat out toxins from your system

There’s no doubt that you should sweat during a personal training session. However the reason you sweat or perspire, is to keep your body cool. Your sweat is made up of salt, water and electrolytes – so it’s a myth that there are toxins coming out.

Toxins are actually eliminated through your digestive tract, liver and kidneys. By getting and keeping fit, your organs can work more effectively. So personal training can have an indirect effect, by giving you the opportunity to learn and carry out good exercise techniques. These exercises should in turn make you fitter. Of course you also need to eat healthily and stay hydrated.

7. A personal trainer runner can improve your physique equally to a bodybuilder trainer

For you to get the best results, you need to work with someone who is a real specialist. This means that if your goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness and prepare for marathon you should find a runner personal trainer but if you want to lose weight (fat), tone up or gain muscles you should train with bodybuilder.

8. Bodybuilding personal trainers only get results by using steroids

Absolutely not! Natural bodybuilding is a great way to get results without using steroids. This method can help you really fine tune your body in a healthy way. A good natural bodybuilder trainer will also be educating you along the way, so you will understand and connect more with the process. This means you have the opportunity to learn and take with you important tools for your health.

9. You need to feel crap after your session, otherwise you haven’t done enough work

This is a big myth. The fatigue you feel after personal training session mostly depends on the level of intensity dictated by a strict periodisation, purposefully chosen by your personal trainer. Varying training intensity ensures that you do not overtrain and keep high energy levels for everyday life.

10. Your personal trainer’s physique is not important

Personal trainers are mostly people who are motivated to help others. Quite often they have come from different walks of life previously, but of course there are some who have been into fitness most of their life, one way or the other.

Personal trainer who has a ripped body with a shiny six pack has an advantage against other trainers who do not have a developed physique but are rather overweight. The reason is simple – that perfect body doesn’t happen by an accident, by not knowing how to get it and then maintain it, year in and year out.

What you really want to understand about a personal trainer that you’re considering using, is how deep their understanding of how the human body works is. How assuring is an unfit looking personal trainer who will need to motivate you through everyday obstacles in achieving decent physique. You would expect your personal trainer not only to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk, wouldn’t you? So those trainers who say that his/her physique isn’t important aren’t saying the full truth. Everybody wants to have a nice body, including those overweight trainers. If they don’t have it, how good are they to teach and motivate you!!?

If you went into a hairdressers and the girl or guy who was about to cut and style your hair had a dodgy hair style, would you feel comfortable to sit down and let them at it?? I think not!! The same principle applies to personal trainers. Let your initial reaction about physique guide you – you should judge the book by its cover in this instance. However then talk to him/her before making a decision, to see how his understanding of the human body is, and of course of your own specific goals.

11. A personal trainer is only there to motivate you

Motivating is not the sole purpose for using a personal trainer. It is, for many people important to get motivated. However, a lot of motivational talk with hard work but little results isn’t going to be motivating. Good personal trainer will apply his/her extensive knowledge and experience to make your training and/or dieting specific to your body and goals, ensuring the most efficient ways to results. Your own results will be the best motivation that you can get.

12. Diet is not important when you employ a personal trainer

Some people believe this myth. It’s as if the money paid to a trainer is expected to deliver miracles. Of course diet is important – we are what we eat. Good personal trainer will always emphasis this.

13. Weight training makes females bulky

Of course there’s been lots of bad press, because women who have been on steroids can look horribly bulky. However assuming you’re not taking steroids, this is a myth. A woman needs a whole lot of testosterone before she would have a chance of becoming bulky. Did you know that the average man produces 10 times more testosterone than the average woman?

14. If you’re pregnant you shouldn’t work with a personal trainer

This is another myth. In fact there are some personal trainers who actually have a specialisation in both prenatal and postnatal training. So instead of going it alone, and believing lots of pregnancy fitness myths, you could actually benefit from working with the right personal trainer.

15. Anyone can be a good personal trainer

Enthusiasm may help people to train and qualify as a personal trainer. However what sets some above the rest, are the years of studying and/or competing at a high level – this is what makes a real expert. Someone like this will be far more valuable to your training process and goals, than just an enthusiastic person with good intentions but lack of deep knowledge and personal experience in high level training.

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