12 Hypertrophy Expert Tips Round-Up

arms hypertrophy personal trainerThis week I met some amazing experts on Twitter, so I decided to put together an expert roundup article on hypertrophy. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, I have defined it below.

Muscle hypertrophy is a phrase used when muscle cells increase and grow in size, as a result of some type of physical exercise, often weightlifting.

1. 8×8 Hypertrophy Arm Training For A Mindblowing Pump

This first piece of content is a video featuring Steve Cook, doing an arm hypertrophy workout, which has only 30 seconds between the sets. Pump up your arms like they’ve never been before, in this workout which has eight sets, of eight reps for all exercises.

Watch the video by clicking on –  hypertrophy arm training

2. Hypertrophy Chest Training For A Mindblowing Pump

And next up, just in case the name above didn’t give it away, we have hypertrophy chest training, this time courtesy of Gestur B. Mikkelsen. He’s a bench press champion from Iceland, just in case you haven’t heard of him before. The Icelandic super mutant warms up with 440lb, or 200 KG, which he lifts as if it were a sweeping brush.

You can see this 2 minute or so video here

3. The effect of protein timing on muscle strength and hypertrophy: a meta-analysis

Check out this great meta-analysis, from the King of Hypertrophy himself – Brad Schoenfeld. Co-authored with Alan Albert Aragon and James W Krieger, this study investigates the effects of protein timing on hypertrophy and muscle strength.

You can read the study by clicking on hypertrophy meta-analysis.

4. Blood Flow Restriction Training

Next we’re going to look at blood flow restriction training, with the help of Scott Edmed. He looks session BF or involves, how it causes growth, and the advantages it has over heavy lifting.

Read it at blood flow restriction training.

5. Does Eating a Pre Bed Protein Meal Lead to More Muscle Gains?

And now over to the Dynamic Duo -Chris and Eric Martinez – who have put together a great post on whether eating a pre-bed protein meal will lead to more muscle gain. The article looks at the science behind muscle building, as well is why it’s possible to eat at night-time, what kind of protein you need to eat to get the right results and more besides.

Check out this information here

6. The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program

Next up is Chad Waterbury over at T-Nation, who is pretty much telling you to toss out some of the rules, and follow the program he describes to gain both strength and size.

See it by clicking on the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program

7. Intense Hypertrophy Leg Training

Steve Cook again, with some great hypertrophy leg workouts for you.

Click on hypertrophy leg training

8. Use This Simple Tip To Boost Your Hypertrophy

The guys over at Generation Iron have this simple tip, that I love.

Find out what it is here.

9. Alcohol Impairs Hypertrophy and Messes With Your Hormones

A subject of interest to many, is how much (if any) alcohol can we get away with drinking on a night out, without affecting our training progress too adversely. Well luckily Doug Dupont wrote a great piece over at Breaking Muscle with the above title. He opens the piece with a reference to a study which looks at evidence of the effects of alcohol on athletes, and goes on to investigate our hormonal response to alcohol and how it affects protein synthesis.

Discover more by clicking on How Alcohol Impairs Hypertrophy

10. Explosive Lifting for Muscle Hypertrophy

You gotta love the title! The post went live in June 2011 and talks about a study that was new at that time – New Study: Explosive Weightlifting Induces Muscle Hypertrophy Greater Than Traditional Weightlifting, but the article has a good selection of other references that it encompasses.

You can read that here

11. How I Plan To Build Bigger Arms

Want to know how Omar Isuf plans to build bigger arms, then head over to the link below that will take you to his 5+ minutes video over at YouTube.

Click on How To Build Bigger Arms

12. Detailed Hypertrophy Research

Last but very certainly not least, is this superb detailed research by Chris Beardsley. Head over there and just check out the Contents Menu to get an idea of what a huge amount of work has gone into this hypertrophy research.

Do that by clicking on Hypertrophy Research

The End

I hope you found some of these expert tips to be useful, and if you want to make any comments, or have any other recommendations on this subject, please comment below.

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